Widget for Windows

Monitor widget HYIPBROWSING Tired of the daily monitoring of the network in search of suitable HYIP projects? We offer you a simple but very effective solution! Our widget is able to regularly inform you about the appearance of the actual funds on our website. To inform about the change of status of a project. You don't miss none of the promising HYIP! The identification of a new project on the website is accompanied by a sound signal. The appointment of the new status of the project as well povesilsya sound signal. The program also features a pop-up alert at the bottom of the screen. After clicking it opens a window containing the last 20 funds. One click of the mouse you move on to your chosen project is already under our referral link.

Program features:

Information on the status of the HYIP;

Voice notification about new HYIPs;

Voice notification on status change of a monitored project.

All settings are easily adjusted to suit your preferences.

The program does not need to install on your computer, it can be run even from a hard drive or flash drive.

The program is started by clicking on the file HYIPBROWSING.exe

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Download informer Drive.Google